Is an unofficially dating relationship right for you?

There’s a big gray area between a casual fling and a committed relationship. It’s called a situationship, and it can cause a lot of confusion.

If you’re wondering if you and your guy are in a situationship, look for these clear signs that things are more than just hanging out: 

1. You’re comfortable with each other

Being supremely comfortable with someone is a sign that you’re starting to connect deeply with them. This could include everything from cute nicknames to the way that you talk to each other. You may even have shared softer sides with each other that you wouldn’t share with just anyone.

Alternatively, you may have already met each other’s friends and family. This can indicate that you’re in a more serious relationship, but it also could just be another sign of an unofficially dating situation.

You’re always in contact with them, whether it’s a text or a phone call. You don’t go long periods of time without talking, and you rarely miss each other when you do have to be apart. This is a sign of a deep connection and a mutual interest in each other.

2. You’re communicating regularly

Whether you’re both able to make it through a conflict or simply avoid one, regular communication is a sign that your relationship has become more than just a situationship. You’re dating if you don’t think twice about dropping by their house to say hello or going to see a movie together.

Making plans for the future is another sign that you’re unofficially dating. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to plan something for the next week, but if you’re booking dates and events weeks in advance, then it likely means that you’re more than just casually hanging out.

You’ve also probably been introduced to his friends and family, which is usually a good sign that things are more than just casual. This isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth trying to turn your situationship into a real-life relationship.

3. You’re making plans together

During this early phase of your relationship, you’re stuck in the gray area that relationship experts call a situationship. It’s a weird limbo stage that can drive you cuckoo and keep you from finding lasting love.

If you find yourself scheduling things together in advance, it’s a clear sign that your situationship is evolving into a real relationship. This could be anything from going to a concert in a few weeks to booking a trip somewhere exotic.

You’ll also know it’s time to have The Talk when you start leaving stuff at his house, like a spare toothbrush or extra outfit. And if he has a cute name for you, that’s definitely a good sign! Just don’t forget to take him out on dates where alcohol isn’t involved.

4. You’re spending a lot of time together

Defining your relationship can be confusing, especially when you’re spending a lot of time with someone. However, you don’t want to push too hard or risk freaking them out. The last thing you want is to end up in what many dating experts call a “situationship.”

If you’re spending a lot of time together, it’s a good sign that you’re unofficially dating. This may mean that you’re the first person they call in the morning or the last one they text before bed. It may also mean that they ask for your opinion on things or you seek their advice. It could also be a sign that you’re making plans for the future. However, you shouldn’t have the “relationship talk” until you’re both ready to take it seriously.

5. You’re making plans for the future

A clear sign that you’re unofficially dating is when you start making plans for the future. Whether it’s a concert that’s weeks away or a trip you’re planning for next year, making plans together is a big step forward from just hanging out casually.

If you’re starting to see each other more frequently and you’ve started to make plans for the future, it’s probably time to have The Relationship Talk. Of course, it’s a delicate balance because you don’t want to scare him off by saying too much too soon.

Another thing to look out for is when your guy starts introducing you to his friends and family. This is a big deal because it means he considers you part of his life and is willing to introduce you to the people who are most important in his life.